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A Quick Update and....

Sorry for being epic fail as a mod ^^; Well, just wanna say that I change the layout (just picked a random default theme) because it seems that TinyPic was evil enough to delete the background image of the previous theme ^^;

To make up for it.... early announcement of the new chapter? Teehee! Enjoy!

Abitos power

Hey people!

I was wondering what Abitos power is, as i can't seem to find it on the chart of magic.
Anyone knows?

Fanlistings ♥

Hello! :)

Finally, tomorrow volume 3 will be released, I can't wait for it! This is the cover... dedicated to Nanten's fans! XD
And I wanted to share some fanlistings that akira_ks, angel_katsumi and me have made for the characters~

Feel free to have a look to the sites and to join, if you're a fan!


I hope the TAGS are ok! >_<
See the summary of chapter 10 over here. (Warning: Also features other ZeroSum series, so just ignore the text of those spoilers you don't want to see ^^;)

Okay, pretty significant question because it has been really confusing:

Poll #1537176 Nanten's Gender

Nanten is....

Some thoughts....Collapse )
So guys, you have other theories? It's really confusing x_x
Time to make the Tenkyuugi fandom more alive xD

To those who want to be spoiled on chapters 6 to 9, go over here. Enjoy~

Please thank b1px , asabiesa , and fuji_kujaku  for making that post possible xD

Will post chapter 10 spoilers next time. Then the chapter 4 scanlation sometime soon if things go smoothly xD YAY!

volume 1 cover

I was browsing around online and I found the Volume 1 (released November 25th) cover. It's rather small, but it's something, and it's quite pretty.

See it at my animanga blog. But if blogger hates you for some reason, look under the cut (minus the pictures though)

mellylemon did the summaries (I slightly edited them like for names she forgot) for me so please thank her for being awesome xD

June.2009 Zero-Sum - chapter 1 color pages

Here are the color pages from chapter 1, but in higher quality and less overleveled :) Very big quality, so watch out.


Nothing about this manga seems easy to understand so far :D so here's what we can deduce! Spellings are based off of the book Kabbalah for Dummies and the Hebrew alphabet.

Terms related to KabbalahCollapse )

Terms from the mangaCollapse )

manga (raws, translations, scanlations)

Here is an index of sorts for the raws, translations, and scanlations of Tenkyuugi.

tenkyuugi -sephirahnatus-
by Seno Tatsune (瀬之たつね) x Takamiya Aya (高宮あや)

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei
Magazine: Comic Zero-Sum
Publisher: Ichijinsha
Status: 6 Chapters
Scanlator(s): Bod Rangzen, imangascans, Hyper Parfait
In this world, there are 10 heavenly laws and 22 earthly laws. While humans cannot have knowledge of the heavenly laws used by the gods, they make use of the earthly laws. Through cards, each of the symbols can be utilized through the use of magic. Those with this ability are called magicians. Aspiring magicians study the laws in order to attend a magic institute. Nanao, Kisa, and Nanten of Nase are freshmen enrolled at the Seventh Eastern Magic Institute. Even within the 22 laws, there exist a rare ability. Nanao, who holds this ability, will...? (Translated by areyouliddell.)

Raws, Translations, ScanlationsCollapse )