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Nothing about this manga seems easy to understand so far :D so here's what we can deduce! Spellings are based off of the book Kabbalah for Dummies and the Hebrew alphabet.

This is your standard Tree of Life. Each circle is a Sephirah, and represents the 10 Heavenly Laws. You can view the diagram in three ways; one as a right-side up tree, two as a down-side up tree, and as a human body. At the top is Keter, or the Crown. It is fed into from the bottom, Malkut, that gathers from those above it. Each side, the right (feminine) and the left (masculine) are balanced by the middle. Connecting each Sephirah is a path, representing the 22 Earthly Laws. Their numbers, their names, and their associations are all critical. The Negative Veils above the Sephirot are Ein Sof Ohr, Ein Sof, and Ein. These are origin of all existence.

The Negative Veils
000. Ein, "Nothing."
00. Ein Sof, "The Boundless."
0. Ein Sof Ohr, "The Limitless Light."

10 Heavenly Laws
1. Keter (Keter), "Crown."
2. Chochmah (Kokmah), "Wisdom."
3. Binah (Beena), "Understanding."
4. Chesed (Kesed), "Loving-kindness."
5. Gevurah (Gevoorah), "Severity."
6. Tiferet (Teefuret), "Beauty."
7. Netzach (Netzack), "Victory."
8. Hod (Hode), "Glory."
9. Yesod (Yesode), "Foundation."
10. Malkut (Malkoot), "Kingship."
--. Daat (Da'at), "Knowledge."

22 Earthly Laws
11. Alef, "Ox." The Fool (0) - Air
12. Bet, "House." The Magus (I) - Mercury
13. Gimel, "Camel." The Priestess (II) - Luna
14. Dalet, "Door." The Empress (III) - Venus
15. Hei, "Window." The Emperor (IV) - Fire, Aries
16. Vav, "Nail." The Hierophant (V) - Earth, Taurus
17. Zayin, "Sword." The Lovers (VI) - Air, Gemini
18. Het, "Fence." The Chariot (VII) - Water, Cancer
19. Tet, "Serpent." Lust (XI) - Fire, Leo
20. Yud, "Hand." Hermit (IX) - Earth, Virgo
21. Kaf, "Palm." Fortune (X) - Jupiter
22. Lamed, "Ox-Goad." Justice (VIII) - Air, Libra
23. Mem, "Water." Hanged Man (XII) - Water (cold and moist)
24. Nun, "Death." Death (XIII) - Water, Scorpio
25. Samech, "Prop." Temperance (Art) (IV) - Fire, Sagittarius
26. Ayin, "Eye." The Devil (XV) - Earth, Capricorn
27. Pei, "Mouth." The Tower (XVI) - Mars
28. Tsadi, "Fish-hook." The Moon (XVII) - Air, Aquarius
29. Kuph, "Back of Head." The Star (XVIII) - Water, Pisces
30. Reish, "Head." The Sun (XIX) - Sol
31. Shin, "Tooth." The Aeon (XX) - Fire (hot and dry)
32. Tav, "Cross." The Universe (XXI) - Saturn

Academia is a modern way to spell the Greek word akademia (Ἀκαδήμεια). The Akademia is considered one of the first educational institutes, set up by Plato in Athens circa 387 AD. Today, the word academia refers to the community of students and scholars engaged in higher education and research. In Tenkyuugi, it refers to the school, the 7th Eastern Magic Institute.

Armilla is a term for an armillary sphere or celestial sphere used to find the position of stars and celestial bodies. For Tenkyuugi, it is a representation of their Earthly law that is created by their Armillanatus, that is the appearance of a card. Armilla means circle or bracelet in Latin.

Armillanatus is a magical card that is created by the user to invoke their Armilla in order to use their magic. It could be in the form of the Tarot card corresponding to their law. The term comes from armilla and natus, which is Latin for born, created, made, or destined. It also corresponds to the title, Sephirahnatus.

Sephirahnatus is a combination of Sephirah, the singular form of the Sephiroth, and natus, which is to be born, created, made, or destined in Latin.

Tenkyuugi can mean celestial globe.


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Mar. 2nd, 2013 05:26 am (UTC)
I realize this is a comment made very late, but...


This made things so much more clearer for me -- before seeing this chart, I was only making associations to Tarot cards. XD
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